Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lp Lyrics

Our rage

I cry out against the forces that seek to shackle me/

I refuse to indulge in this culture of banality/

Won’t submit to their mould, my will shall not bend/

My senses remain clear/ my rage shan’t be diluted/

Our disdain/this sense of alienation/

Will fan the flames of instigation/

This burning rage/ this sense of desperation/

Shall fan the flames of instigation/

I wont submit to their brain numbing vice/

And I wont submit to a culture that seeks to entice/

A hedonism that entraps and enslaves/

We must free ourselves/We must reclaim our rage/

We must reclaim our rage/

Salvage our future from this dying age/

We must reclaim our rage/


The cruel obsession that dogged my step/

The parasite the all-consuming vice/

The body yearned for a release/

From this blight from this cancer/

As I fed the neurosis/

As I starved all else/

2 years I spent in your grasp/

2 years that are never coming back/

The shadow that I became/

The cross I bore of pain and shame/

Tread the path of self-destruction/

Can’t escape the habit/ masochism/

Locked in a spiral of denial/a solipsistic existence/

Turmoil all the while/hunger my only resistance/

And as the habit grew from practice to addiction/

The life I knew slipped slowly into fiction/

Two years that I lost to you/

Two years from which I grew/

A lifetime ahead to spite you/

2 years…fuck you.


Monopoly of knowledge/ Privilege of wealth/

Opportunity restricted/ injustice inflicted/

Perpetuating a hierarchy/

Favoring only the oligarchy/

Sickening bias/

A class-based attack/

The cycle of violence/

Remains intact/

You’ll lament the death of social values/

The decline in morality/

But the ills that you condemn/

Are a product or your tyranny/

Discontent breeds violence this much is true and the wrath of an enslaved youth shall hail down upon you/

Retribution. /

Colonial Lie

Trapped and Enslaved /

The colonial lie /

A social construct with which you justify/

Eurocentric exploitation/

Blind prejudice and extermination/

Label the norm and reject the other/

Invisibility provides your cover/

Malleable construct built on deceit/

A badge of honor/an obscure guise/

Inexplicable and undetectable/

An enforced opposition/A privileged position/

Perpetuate the deceit of universality/

Those deemed to be of race a sub-human anomaly/

Reject their lies/

Propagated on a prejudice foundation/

Supporting yet further division/

Enforcing a racist tradition/

Of death and exploitation/


Humble demands/ a cry for freedom/

Crushed by the hand of a blood thirsty despot/

Screams silenced, for your gain/

All resistance is met with pain/

A violent reaction that you provoked/

On the blood of Libya I hope you choke/

Despot/ Masochist/ Blind to the pain you inflict/

Tyrant/ Misanthrope/ On the blood of Libya I hope that you choke/

In defiance of humanity/

Total control is your decree/

A rejection of liberty but insurgent action will set free/

Hatred you create/ The endless lies you propagate/

The fear you instill/ Not a moments discourse you just kill/

A wind of revolt through Tripoli/

A wind of revolt through Benghazi/

A wind of revolt that will set free? /

A celebration of liberty?/

What comes next?/

What comes next we can’t predict/

Emancipation? Will this cycle persist?/


2,000 years in the shadow of this opiate/

And a history of suffering you celebrate/

A life shackled to fiction and slavery/

For the sake of god and the state you shall never be free/

Whilst reliant upon the myth of paradise/

Your life on earth is reduced bondage and slowly passes you by/

The opportunity for self-determination/

Lost amongst feelings of guilt, blame and inadequacy/

But it’s not my cross, but it’s not my cross to bear/

Dismantle their myths of hate/


A nation ravaged/land brought to ruin/

20,000 dead and yet more horror is brewing/

The scent of death lingers and an air of toxicity consumes all/

Live in fear (of this) perverse technology /

War and profit its only utility/

Fed the lie (of) sustainability/

A mere ruse (to) legitimize their treachery/

A new age of death encroaches/

Watch in horror as the end approaches/

You run for cover but there’s no protection/

Babylon/ A product of our own self-destruction/

A product our own self destruction/

A product of our own self-destruction/

We repeat the mistakes of Nagasaki/

We repeat the mistakes of Chernobyl/

At the expense of our earth/

For the sake of profit and war/

For the cause of capitalism/

Furthering a dystopian vision/

The rape of Gaia/ This heinous treachery/

Nuclear power bringing this world to its knees/


The embers of revolution slowly dull/

Under the shadow of western imperialism/

Approach under the cover of earnest aid/

An ulterior motive they dare not parade/

The promise of change revealed to be fiction/

The people still destined to die for conviction/

Transparent actions so clear to see/

Compassion a product of profit and not humanity/

Fleeting hopes, justice fades away/

Freedom waits for another day/

The appearance changes but injustice remains/

A people still shackled by despotic reins/

A struggle against the grain/

A war waged in vain/

The lie of freedom they were sold/

Ill intentions that went untold /

The western world provoking turmoil/

And an eastern land is exploited for oil/

Disposable Culture

Your callous treatment

No dedication or longevity

I cry impeachment

As you reduce our culture to commodity

No acceptance

For your fickle attitudes

No mercy

Your time here is through

A one-way street

You take without remorse

Self-serving habits

They have run their fucking course

Pilfer, steal and abuse

The ground we stand on we shall not lose

No mercy, we draw the line

A sentiment you can’t undermine

What we have built

We shall protect

Your appropriation we shall reject

What you have stolen

We shall confiscate

And endow once more with passion and hate.

Dawn of a new age

We plot the undoing from the belly of the beast… /

The dreams we suppressed shall be realized/

The hopes that we dampened we shall reignite/

The fears we once held shall be cast away/

Through force we shall realise a new earth, a new day/

And we shall cast away the foundations of this plutocracy/

Usher in a new age predicated on equality/

No exceptions/Insurrection

This war must be won/a proclamation of destruction

Dawn of a new age has begun/

And we shall dance in the ashes of their foundations/

As the world we envision becomes a realization/

And we shall bathe in the blood of our draconian oppressors/

As we remove the shackles of exploitation and terror/

Not a moment to spare not a second to waste/

This war has begun/

Shackles of tradition we wont accept as fate/

This war has begun/

With cruel hands we shall pries what was taken from us/

An act of vengeance, we’ll take back what was lost/

We’ll thrust a stake through the heart of this hideous beast/

An act of retribution for the beaten and deceased/

And we shall cast away the foundations of this plutocracy/


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